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I’m going to be teaching this Thursday and, as I can’t spend long on the basics of searching, I was looking for some links that might be useful. I thought you might all find them interesting too.

This post is a little old, 2007 to be exact, but the info from HubSpot blog is still ok. This one, called the ?Google Guide is not a Google site and is dated 2008 but again still has some useful tips. These next two are Google sites and are quite helpful in different ways, Basic search help and Features. This next site has nothing to do with searching; it gives some tips on common grammatical errors.

Along with reminding folks of some earlier posts for researchers on this site (June 23rd, 22nd, 21st, 20th and 17th, 16th) I would just like to repeat/add a few things. A couple from the Research Information Network (RIN); one on Networking and their Social Media Guide for Researchers. Cloudworks is also a favourite of mine, it’s marvellous for keeping in touch with a group with a common cause. Hypertrope is a bit clunky (I prefer Mendeley myself) but is worth looking at. And where would we be without PLoS One? Just as a parting shot we shouldn’t forget the value of blogs; as an example just look at the discussion that followed this post on the TALL blog.

Hope that has given a wide range of people something to look at and think about 🙂


About timjohnson
I came through a tortuous path to the role of Adviser in Digital Literacy in the Information and Learning Services Department. In the past I was a: Senior Lecturer in Health Informatics, Senior Lectuer in Midwifery, Midwifery Sister, Staff Midwife, Nurse, Secretary, Bars Manager. I would have liked to be a jeweller and silver smith but of course there is always retirement for that :)

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