Mid-week pause

One of me in SL

This is "me"

The last few days have been very busy so I am now going to have a little rest, just talk amongst yourselves for a moment …

I am in the process of reading this very interesting report from JISC about publishing academic ebooks and I came across the University of Michigan’s, MPublishing, free books on Digital Culture. There are some very interesting books in this list – you can read them free online or you can purchase the book if you would like to. I intend to work my way through a number of them, possibly starting with Media, Technology and Society then moving on to the Hyperlinked Society. Let me know if you read any of them and what you think of them – are these types of “free” book useful?

I thought some of you might like to look at this post from the Mind/Shift blog. There are a number of apps here that look like fun especially the first two Scribble and Squad. There’s also a post linked to this about Girls and Maths – have a read. I replaced the word Math with Digital Literacy and found the arguments still hung together:)

I couldn’t resist giving you this to look at. It’s a teaching resource about plagiarism but I didn’t really look at anything except the second slide. There’s a short video on the slide and I think the character in the video is really cute. I put it on the Scoop.it site but have to include it here too.

About timjohnson
I came through a tortuous path to the role of Adviser in Digital Literacy in the Information and Learning Services Department. In the past I was a: Senior Lecturer in Health Informatics, Senior Lectuer in Midwifery, Midwifery Sister, Staff Midwife, Nurse, Secretary, Bars Manager. I would have liked to be a jeweller and silver smith but of course there is always retirement for that :)

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