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Not much time but I just could not resist bringing you a few of the things I’ve found today 🙂

This is something you might like, a Skype auto recorder. Don’t worry about not remembering what has been said in your Skype conversations, just record it and file it for future reference.

I find this article form the Bookseller quite interesting. Who would you side with Amazon or each of the Governments? My first, gut reaction is to side with Amazon – well, I mean, who wouldn’t “stand against the man” 🙂 but then … What would those unpaid taxes have been used for by the Governments, ummm, just asking that’s all.

I’ve been talking a bit about Open Access the last few times on the blog. I was reminded of the Directory of Open Access Journals the other day and thought I would pass it on to you.

Now I think you will really like this one – Popcorn Maker. Have a look on this page at this Science is For Everyone video from one of the TEDtalks about perception and research (it’s very interesting – I mean it, it is) then have a look here at what Popcorn have done with Beau Lotto’s talk. Although this example is about explaining things, I think this is a great way of presenting a critique don’t you think 🙂


About timjohnson
I came through a tortuous path to the role of Adviser in Digital Literacy in the Information and Learning Services Department. In the past I was a: Senior Lecturer in Health Informatics, Senior Lectuer in Midwifery, Midwifery Sister, Staff Midwife, Nurse, Secretary, Bars Manager. I would have liked to be a jeweller and silver smith but of course there is always retirement for that :)

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