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Life is a little more calm today, thank goodness, so I have more time to think about what I’m going to natter to you about.

I notice that the Digital Literacy Campaign in the Guardian has stirred up a lot of discussion. Here are some examples of blogs 1, 2, 3, writing about it. I won’t talk more about the campaign and the issues it raises here as it’s a little too serious for this blog but I will put something on my other blog.

One piece of news that I think you might be interested in is the Digital Rights stuff. You might have heard in the national news way back in November that Richard Hooper has been appointed to lead the Digital Copyright Exchange feasibility study. The idea is that the Copyright Exchange would hold information about copyrighted items and would enable people to contact one another about the copyright on a particular item. This sounds very sensible and very simple but it’s not simple. Do go and read the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) page about the Exchange and contact Richard Hooper from there if you know about something you think he should be aware of.

To finish off I have some free Maps to send your way πŸ™‚ Open, Equal, Free, is a really lovely blog about education. The post about the maps not only provides food for thought but also has a number of links to free stuff! Part of Digital Literacy is about being able to interpret images – to understand what they are saying and how they are likely to influence our thoughts. Maps are very powerful images and they influence not just how we think about the world but also how we think about and behave towards other people in the world. Go and have a look at the post and download your own favourite version of a world map. πŸ™‚

Have to go now and get back to evaluating the results of the Uni’s Annual Digital Literacy survey – we’ll announce the winners soon πŸ™‚


Mid-week pause

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The last few days have been very busy so I am now going to have a little rest, just talk amongst yourselves for a moment …

I am in the process of reading this very interesting report from JISC about publishing academic ebooks and I came across the University of Michigan’s, MPublishing, free books on Digital Culture. There are some very interesting books in this list – you can read them free online or you can purchase the book if you would like to. I intend to work my way through a number of them, possibly starting with Media, Technology and Society then moving on to the Hyperlinked Society. Let me know if you read any of them and what you think of them – are these types of “free” book useful?

I thought some of you might like to look at this post from the Mind/Shift blog. There are a number of apps here that look like fun especially the first two Scribble and Squad. There’s also a post linked to this about Girls and Maths – have a read. I replaced the word Math with Digital Literacy and found the arguments still hung together:)

I couldn’t resist giving you this to look at. It’s a teaching resource about plagiarism but I didn’t really look at anything except the second slide. There’s a short video on the slide and I think the character in the video is really cute. I put it on the site but have to include it here too.

Ways of communicating

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I don’t know how much all of you are into metadata but I just had to bring you this smashing little video from some guys at Ghent University. These three guys make metadata sound really interesting (well of course it is).

Now this is one for our budding researchers doing their PhDs. I keep trying to convince them that they have to get out there and get their names and their research known. This short but sweet post is from the Mobilize this! blog which is, “A research impact blog from Canada’s knowledge mobilization network”. I just have one question – how on earth do you keep 70 people in a pub sober enough to have a discussion?!

Carrying on with our theme of Communication for this post. JISC fund lots of interesting things, some of the funding comes under the heading of Digitisation and Content. One of the things JISC funds, which comes under e-Content 2011, is the Cataloguing of Kays (Body Image in 100 Years of Kays Worcester) which has nurtured the World of Kays website in the bosom of the ILS family. Go and have your say on the Your stories page and upload a pic of your granny in her new frock πŸ™‚

You see my little chickadees you have to get out there and get noticed πŸ™‚

Obsessions, arguments and rants

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Seeing that it is Monday I will try to have my brain in slightly better order than it was on Friday πŸ™‚

I know I seem to have been writing a lot about Virtual Worlds just lately but there is so much going on about education in them at the moment. One of the things I have just tripped over in my wonderings round the web is the University of West of England (UWE) MA Education in Virtual Worlds. The course will be starting in September, you can go to their web page and register your interest in the course – fantastic!

I have one more thing about Virtual Worlds then I’ll try to shut up. There has been a call for Chapters for a new IGI book called, Technologies in Urban and Spatial Planning: Virtual Cities and Territories. Ummm, really snappy title eh? Don’t know if any of you do work on urban planning but if you are this could be an opportunity for you.

Now for something a little different. The language in this cartoon is a little ripe but the idea is really good, though I’m not to sure about learning to eat just to assuage your anger.

It is so satisfying when someone else rants about the things you rant about πŸ™‚ I’ve just been reading A. J. Cann’s rant (and the following comments) about academic publishers. I must say that I agree with him entirely. Academic publishers appear slow, disorganised and just plain old-fashioned (in a bad way) when compared to the modern methods of communication and publishing. I do wish they would move out of the dark ages and give academia what it needs!

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