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Testing subject awareness

From gizmag

Wow! Didn’t realise it was so long since I put something on here.

I found this first in gizmag (possibly not so reliable) but I’ve also found it in Scientific American. Apparently scientists at the Karolinska Institute Medical University have been doing some experiments on perception and the mind outside the body. It looks as if all of this embodiment may not just be “suspending disbelief”.

May be we’ll just download our brains one day 🙂

There’s loads of research in virtuality and robotics about how “real” things should, or need to, look. If humanoids don’t look real enough people ignore them but if they look too real humanoids are perceived as frightening or creepy. This is an interesting article from MIT about babies reacting to robots gaze behaviours

Thought some of you science folks might be interested in this article from Higher Ed on virtual labs.


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